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I really wish I had her viv back up. Right at the moment it is totally disassembled so that it could be packed for when we moved from PA to Oh. Why did I tear it down instead of just moving it in one piece? This is a very good question and I am even going to answer it for you.
I made one of the BIGGEST DUMBEST and moronic mistakes a skilled carpenter can make. and yes I am a skilled carpenter also. Her viv is 5'6" Tall by 42" wide by 8 feet long. well just over 8 foot actually. Problem was every door in our old house was 31" wide. So the only way to move it was to disassemble it. Now mind you when I built it I didnt build it to be taken apart but I think it will all go back together fine. That is if I dont just scrap it and build a whole new one for her.
So just remember to make sure you will be able to move it after you build it.
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