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Congrats on the surgery, hope everything continues to go the right way for you. I get very mild tinnitus and it can at times be really irritating, so you have my sympathy.

Best of luck for a total recovery.
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Thanks all.

Yesterday was "A" (Activation) Day. Mind you, I'm hearing stuff I have not heard in many many moons! While speech sounds like mechancial tin-canned voices, I am picking up quickly and recognizing many different environmental sounds.

For example, I could hear the turn signal in the car. For the first time, I could hear my wife's cell phone ring while in the car (I have never heard that in my life).

Today, I heard someone open their car door, start it and drive off but I couldn't tell which direction it was until they were dirving by me. LOL>

So some great steps already taken, but many more steps to go!

At least I'll be able to hear a snake hiss now.

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I have never heard Lucy hiss. I have heard her blow air our her nose into my ear, though.
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