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Hello WW...thanks, I'd tell her what you said but she is already a diva as it is. lol
It's surprising how well they disappear. I couldn't search for her without tipping off the neighbors and causing a panic uproar. I knew she'd turn up somewhere; most likely the NEWS. I'm just glad she got back in het cozy warm home before the temps dropped!
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Originally Posted by dwg1211 View Post
I'm sure you'll nurse her back to 100% Roy. .. I fed Saf a live chicken a couple of months ago.. and a Chinese market near my house sells ducks with the heads on them, but no guts. I give her those but she needs the visceral tissue that comes with whole prey. Hard to find a rabbit breeder. I guess I'll have to order in bulk from rodentpro.
Thanks mate, she's very healthy now and has a great appetite. I fed her a massive rat yesterday and would you believe Serge was actually drooling before he ate his........I never saw a snake drool before.

I want some bunnys to feed my pets too. Did you know that in our state you can have a shipping container full of hydro marijuana and another one full of breeding rabbits and if the feds busted in on your operation, they would walk right past the marijuana and but you for rabbit breeding? Rabbit breeding is a worse crime than growing marijuana.
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